Jupyter Notebooks to a Blog Within Minutes

Create a portfolio website by turning Jupyter notebooks into beautiful blog posts. No web development experience required.

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Get started in three quick steps

1. Create an account

Create an account and get a free subdomain at username.replnotes.com to host your blog. You can also set up your own custom domain under the premium plan.

2. Upload a notebook

Creating a blog post is as easy as uploading your Jupyter notebook. The notebook is scanned to autofill all necessary details but you can always customize them to your satisfaction.

3. Save and publish

Just hit save and the blog post will be online on your custom domain. No need to write any HTML or Javascript. We handle the website creation and deployment for you.

Powerful Features

No web development experience required.

Quick and Easy Set Up

Go from a jupyter notebook to a full website within minutes. You get fully mobile-responsive websites without writing any CSS or Javascript yourself.

Custom Domains

Add a custom domain (or subdomain) to your website. Site hosting and SSL are automated.

Optimized for SEO

Websites are server-side rendered to allow indexing by search engines. Automated sitemap generation for search-engine optimization.

Preview Thumbnails

Pick any image from your jupyter notebook to be used as a thumbnail for post previews. OG tags are injected automatically to generate preview thumbnails for links shared on social media.

No Coding Required

No need to learn HTML, Javascript, CSS, or any of the static site generation tools. Focus on your work and let us handle website generation and hosting for you.


Organize posts into topics by simply adding tags to each post. A dedicated landing page is created for each topic.

Simple Pricing

Create a blog for free. Upgrade for more features when ready!

Monthly billing Annual billing (Save 66%)



Start sharing your work online.

  • Free subdomain at replnotes.com

  • SEO-friendly server-rendered pages

  • Social media previews with OG tags


$20 /year

Build your data science portfolio.

  • All features in the free plan

  • Custom domains and SSL certificates

  • No REPL Notes branding

  • Embed Javascript tags to add analytics, forms, etc

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